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tCell By Rapid7

The Next Gen Cloud WAF that gives you application visibility for complete application protection.
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Assess your application attack surface.
You’re no longer in the dark. See your attack surface across your entire application ecosystem ranging from API endpoints to 3rd-party libraries.
Monitor attacks in progress.
With smart monitoring, only get notified when its time to take action. Threat intelligence is correlated with your application data to give you the most accurate monitoring.
Protect your applications against active threats.
Prevent your applications from executing on malicious behavior. By leveraging security controls in the application, you can prevent zero-day attacks from being successful.

Key Features

Automatically Monitor and Protect Your Application Ecosystem

Package + CVE Monitoring
Browser Security
Suspicious Actor Blocking
Application Firewall
Zero-Day Protection
API Protection
Injection Prevention
Account Takeover Protection
OWASP Top 10 Protection
PCI, HIPAA, GDPR Compliance
CI/CD Integration
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tCell gives us much better visibility and provided more application context than we ever had with a WAF.
Bernie Leung Director of Security & Compliance, ClearSlide
tCell offered additional functionality that we didn’t even expect.
David Tsao Global Information Security, Veeva Systems
We saw value with tCell on Day 1. We were able to gain insight into our application that we’ve never had before.
Chris Byron Head of Engineering, Envoy
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Use Cases

Know your application attack surface inside and out.
Assess, monitor and protect your application ecosystem.

Get Cloud Application Protection You Can See
The black box Web App Firewall days are over. tCell by Rapid7 is a Next Gen Cloud WAF that delivers a complete view of your application - from API endpoints to 3rd-party packages. tCell by Rapid7 will give you visibility into the composition of your application as well as where suspicious actors are targeting their attacks to better enable you to defend your applications against OWASP and Zero Day attacks.
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Quickly Identify and Isolate Attacks with Action-Based Analytics.
Our powerful cloud analytics platform correlates real-world threat intelligence with your application data allowing you to stay on top of known vulnerabilities, understand changes in the applications’ attack surface, identify attacks and attackers, and detect breaches. With intuitive, easy to use dashboards and reporting, tCell by Rapid7 cuts down attack investigation time with actionable alerts.
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Technology Integrations

Create an application-aware SOC by integrating the data collected by tCell by Rapid7 into your SIEM, DAST, Orchestration and ticketing systems. tCell by Rapid7 is the only Next Gen Cloud WAF that will incorporate multiple threat intelligence feeds through APIs, web hooks and leading technologies to help alert and block advanced threats.
Learn how tCell by Rapid7 can Integrate with each of your:
  • SIEM
  • Orchestration
  • DAST
  • IR